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Automata - RC deWinter

what would you do for the love of your life? i could do nothing for mine but love him

in every breath every thought every song and dream the words scribbled on unread pages the prayers sent to heaven

i couldn't protect him couldn't save him from the savagery of his dark universe that swallowing him sent him wherever unquenchable atomic energy goes

now wading through the mud that hugs my knees i pray for the salvation of...what?

there is no hope no resurrection

my complicated heart stubborn muscle that it is beats a twin refrain death/life life/death a single coin clinking

RC deWinter writes in several genres with a focus on poetry. Her claim to fame is her Twitter following, and her widely anthologized poetry. Most notably in Uno: A Poetry Anthology, New York Times, Brick Street Poetry, Tiny Seed Press, 2River, Adelaide Magazine, Pink Panther Magazine, among many others literary journals.

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