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Updated: 5 days ago

New Flash Fiction Contest!

FTB Literary is holding a PAID Writing Contest. Submit your best Flash-Fiction on any topic.

Your entry should be between 500- 2,500 words. The contest will fun between July 2nd and July 29th.

The winner will receive $75 and a Pushcart Nomination!

In the selection of our pieces for publication, we will never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, or age.  We encourage all writers to submit their work, and we kindly ask that your writing does not promote hate or discrimination.

Microfiction Winner:

Sitting at the Beach, Drinking Beer--Considering Dante’s Inferno: Canto 4 Limbo, the Innocent Souls

by Stuart Gunter

195 words

There dwelt a race, who slow their eyes around

Majestically mov'd, and in their port

Bore eminent authority; they spake

Seldom, but all their words were tuneful sweet.

It is hot. And I am cold and jittery. I run to the beach. Start a fire, crack a beer out of a half-cold sixer of PBR. The fire lights fast, breeze blows smoke and sparks into my face, reminding me of old camp days and something about dead rabbits. I don’t know. The day is waning into dark. The waves crash and retreat in a rhythmic dance. The silence between the crashes is like a balm. Aren’t all poets and philosophers concerned with the chthonic? And why old Socrates, whose asking did not asking bring? Even I, in my ignorance, use his method. But for what? Who knows the secrets of the stars, or the mystery of the skies? Sitting and talking, talking and sitting--where does that get us? And writing. Philosophizing doesn’t put food on the table. Not in my house, anyway. But the sky is dark red. And strangely beautiful.

Microfiction Winner:

Confident Woman

by Nadia Price

365 words

I read something the other day, an article- and am not just saying that because I don’t believe that you will trust my thoughts alone- I did actually read it. It was called ’22 Things that Confident Women Don’t Do,’ or some other dismissive thing like that. I read it all the way through, and I am not entirely sure about how I feel about it. Normally, I would say that I am a pretty confident person. I think others would say that too.

Apparently, we are not supposed to “gossip,” or “doubt” ourselves, or ever “follow trends.” Though, I am sure that I do. I moan on the phone, on my way home, about my boss’ son nearly every other day. He tricks the girls, who answer phones, into thinking he’s the way to the top. And I pay for two subscriptions that mail me clothes, because I never know what to wear.

No matter what, we aren’t supposed to “people please, compromise, or hide our feelings” either. But I tell my boss what she wants to hear, and I stay late, even though I’d rather go home. And I’ve never hinted, not even once, that I think her son is a heartbreaking slut who leverages his power for sex. Or that I’d rather wear the 4-inch stilettos - I got in the mail- on the wrong feet all day, than listen to his bullshit by the water cooler.

And even more, we aren’t supposed to “see defeat, have regrets, or need a personal trainer.” Here again, it would appear that I’m in trouble. I know when I’m wrong, when I’ve lost, and when I’ve gone too far. I know that participation trophies aren’t first prize, and I’ve told some lies, and you can bet that I’ve regretted it after. And the idea of not needing Jenna at Retro, well, that actually makes me laugh.

Lastly, we’re not supposed to “listen blindly,” and that’s the one, I suppose, I can get behind. Because I won’t listen, not to this list, that says that I don’t fit. I break all the rules; I guess I’m not who I’m supposed to be, but I am a confident woman.

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