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E Equals MC Squared - Catherine A. Coundjeris

Math is poetry.

Beautiful numbers measure

beautiful minds.

He divided the loaves and fish,

And put the remainders in baskets.

Math counts the stars.

E equals mc squared.

It’s all about relativity.

One and one makes three.

X plus Y equals 33.

What you do to one side

you must do to the other.

The equation of ballet.

A cute angle

fits the right one on QVC.

A squared plus B squared equals C squared.

A gold star equals tops now, but

a gold star equaled death in 1943 Germany.

Polar opposites attract.

What’s past emerges eventually.

Two negatives don’t make a positive.

The surface is cool, but the core is hot.

Linear thought takes a global view

in our fractal world.

Schrodinger’s cat is neither here nor there.

Can you love 2 people at the same time?

Force equals mass times acceleration:

Is that what happened to the dinosaurs?

Equation of state: a state occasion.

Transcendental numbers...


Zero to infinity...

Dual natures...

Math reveals the hidden

structures of the world.

Where truth and beauty

displace our misconceptions

like the Berlin’s Circle in Philosophy.

Chaos isn’t a negative;

It’s a theory.

Math is poetry, and

Poetry names the stars.

A former elementary school teacher, Catherine has also taught writing at Emerson College and ESL writing at Urban College in Boston. Her poetry is published in literary magazines, including 34th Parallel Magazine, Ariel Chart Magazine, The Drabble, Backchannels, and Inkling Magazine of the Storyteller’s Cottage. Currently she is living with her family in Frederick and she is working on a YA novel. Catherine volunteers as an ESL Coordinator with the Literacy Council of Frederick County.

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