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FICTION- Gemini Issue

Updated: May 14, 2020

We received entries from so many talented and dedicated authors; our only regret is that we couldn’t publish more pieces. We are so proud of the Fiction Authors we have selected for publication! Among the nine featured authors, there are award-winning novelists, blog writers, and non-fiction writers. Our Fiction Authors have appeared in Newsweek, The Boston Globe, Typehouse, Highlights, North American Review, and many more. Additionally, we have featured multiple Pushcart Nominees as well as one recipient of the Theodore Hoepfner Fiction Award.

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Wildfire - Lorraine Jeffery

Pockets Full of Posey - Sarah J. Kings

Villancico - Anita Haas

Drive - Sharon Lee Snow

Necessary Lies - Sidney Stevens

Cattails in The Fall -Tiffany Lindfield

The Experiment -Perle Besserman

In a Forest of Filleted Bones -Elizabeth Kirschner

Moses on the Inside - Lisa Harris

Gemini Issue-

Theme: Two-sidedness, opposing or contrasting forces, mercuriality, growth, or duality

Issue: Vox Tacet - Voices for the Voiceless

Reading Window 2: May 10th - June 15th

Theme: Marginalized voices or groups, human rights, animal rights, poverty, mental illness, alienation, oppression, or discrimination

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